Saturday, 28 May 2011

UnMasterclass 22

"According to many accounts within classical mythology, Sisyphus was punished for his impudence and lack of respect for the gods, and assigned the task of rolling a rock to the top of a mountain only for it to roll back down again. His interminable sentence was that he would remain locked into the repetition of this forever failing action for all eternity........More than a model of endless or uninterrupted continuation of action, a Sisyphean practice operates according to a cycle of failure and repetition, of non-attainment and replay; it is a punctuated performance. A rule is drawn. An action is required. An attempt is made. Over and over, again and again - a task is set, the task fails and the task is repeated. Ad infinitum."
Emma Cocker

The above appear to sum up UnMasterclass pretty well. UnMasterclass, like Sisyphus, is locked in eternal struggle of trying to attain a completion of  just one good copy of a painting, one that shows we have learnt what painting is. And like Sisyphus we have angered the gods (of painting past) and are locked in an eternal struggle of failure. We have neither the right tools, the time or the ability to achieve the perfection required, instead we are locked in a cycle of 52 weeks of paintings that are bound to fail. Our rules are drawn. Our action is ongoing. An attempt is being made. Over and over, again and again. Our task is set, Our task fails and the task is repeated.
Pop along to see the latest UnMasterclass here or maybe this week roll a rock up a mountain instead of going to a gallery.

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