Saturday, 29 January 2011

UnMasterclass 5

Some may ask whether I am the pupil or the master in UnMasterclass. I am neither. Rather I am the UnMasterless seeking the guidance of past masters but learning from none.
This week a rather poor copy, but a more interesting painting than previous weeks is produced. Betraying none of the aesthetic skill or quality of Waterhouse's Pre-Raphaelite original and keeping to a quick 21st century painterly de-skill. Pop along to the Tate, the old one to see the original or follow the link to see this version

Sunday, 23 January 2011

UnMasterclass 4

A new low this week with Andrew's attempt to replicate one of Fontana's slash paintings with disastrous results. 

"We think of art and failure together, however, precisely because their conjecture is one of the deep themes of modernism, one of it's commanding plots, especially in the writings of artists themselves."
Paul Barolsky

Here Bracey updates the diary and letters of the past for the video and video sharing sites of today to continue this sense of failure. Hopefully next week will see a turnaround with a more successful copy of another masterpiece. Tune back to see it. 
Meanwhile see the copy of Fontana here

Sunday, 16 January 2011

UnMasterclass 3

This week Andrew steps back a few centuries to attempt a rushed version of Dieric Bouts' Virgin and Child, most of the majesty and all of the significance of the original devotional panel is completely lost in the 21st century copy. The original painting is in a private collection, like so many paintings of it's kind, however you are lucky enough that Bouts painted many versions on the theme. so why not going and find another one somewhere., they really are majestic. Tune in next week for Andrew's next copied painting.
Click here to see UnMasterclass 3

Saturday, 8 January 2011

UnMasterclass 2

The second UnMasterclass is now live and excitingly Andrew is already painting from a reproduction of a 20th Century classic, namely David Hockney's A Bigger Splash. It must be said that this is a pretty flat version of the original with little of the fizzle and pop. I recommend popping down to the Tate Britain gallery to see the original.
Tune in next week when Andrew will be on safer ground with a painting a few hundred years old rather than 50 years old.
follow the link here -

Saturday, 1 January 2011

UnMasterclass 1

The first UnMasterclass is up and live, please follow the link below to view.
This week Andrew paints a a pretty unconvincing version of Frans Hals- Young Man with a Skull. Your probably far better off visiting the original painting in the National Gallery in London and see how a painting should really be done.
Tune back next week for the next class.