Thursday, 30 December 2010


I, Andrew Bracey pledge to put online one UnMasterclass each week during 2011.

  1. Each video will consist of a roughly 10 minute UnMasterclass in painting.
  2. There will be 52 in total.
  3. I will paint from a reproduction of a masterpiece painting with oil paint on paper 
  4. They will be at a vastly different scale to the original painting. 
  5. By necessity of time, practicality and skill, the paintings will almost certainly be vastly inferior to the originals. 
  6. I will not inform the viewer of what I am doing other than what they see before their eyes.
  7. Background noise will form the soundtrack.
  8. My paintings will only exist in the form of the video. 
  9. My original paintings produced will be destroyed. 

Go and see the original masterpieces in museums and galleries if you want to see proper paint and canvas.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Thinking Outside the Box

if you happen to be in Lincoln in the month of December then please pop along to the Greestone Gallery in the University to see a new presentation of Thinking Outside the Box that was previsouly shown as part of the Global Studio show at the Bluecost in Liverpool.
more details can be found at the following blog which also has images from Liverpool and a dialogue between the 4 artists in the show, Amelia Crouch, Michael Lent, Hamish McLain and myself as we led up to making work for the show.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Moment of Privacy Has Passed

So it is private view craziness if you want to see 2 shows with Andrew Bracey's work in this week as on friday night - Friday 10th December - there is also the pv of The Moment of Privacy Has Passed Usher Gallery in Lincoln, in fact it might be impossible to get to both due to the distance involved, unless you own a helicopter, that essential private view accessory.

Visitors to the Usher Gallery in Lincoln will be able to select, take off the shelf and browse through over 200 sketchbooks on loan from contemporary artists, architects, designers and makers. These sketchbooks are included in the Library zone of ‘The Moment of Privacy Has Passed’ an innovative and engaging exhibition of sketchbooks curated by John Plowman. The exhibition focuses on the ways in which we can engage with the sketchbook in a gallery context.

Divided into four zones the exhibition incorporates the conventional modes of display of the Cabinet and Wall, the cutting edge of the Digital and the innovative Library. Each of these zones will offer visitors to the exhibition a different experience of engagement with the sketchbook.

The sketchbook can be viewed as private and personal, a creative space in which thoughts and ideas are noted in a variety of ways by, amongst others, artists, architects, designers. Making these private and self-referential sketchbooks visible within a gallery context will offer up new insights and perspectives on this hitherto invisible aspect of the creative process.
The Cabinet, Wall and digital zones will feature sketchbooks from contemporary artists including Grayson Perry and Simon Faithfull as well as historic sketchbooks from the Usher Gallery’s collections.


Sketchbooks by Contemporary Artists, Architects and Designers

The Usher Gallery, Lincoln

11 December 2010 – 6 March 2011

Private View Friday 10 December 2010 6 – 8 pm

!!! Preview !!!

In view of the current severe weather it is essential to RSVP to Maggie Warren, leaving your contact details.


STOP PRESS - Private View changes to Saturday night so you good folks can go to Cornerhouse on friday....
There is another chance to see my latest work (shown previously at Suite's open studio) this Saturday - the 11th December - at ArtFunkl a new gallery in a home space that operates a residency scheme for international artists, this can be found at 9 Holden Avenue, Whalley Range, Manchester M16 8TA.

Private View, 6 - 8pm, Saturday 11th Dec
Opening hours
11th & 12th December 2010, from 12 noon until 6pm

Contributing artists: Andrew Bracey, Nicola Rowlands and Ju Underwood

Open studios for artists in residence: Chris Augerson and Mike Crane

Google map link is

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Come along on friday 19th November from 5-8pm for a night of art, mince pies and alcohol at Suite Studio Group. I shall be showing recent work, including never seen before new stuff-sneak preview below. We are also open over the weekend 12-4 and will be doing artist talks at 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, I shall be there on Friday and Saturday and excitingly there are works for sale this year for first time ever......

Friday, 16 July 2010

SCION : Contemporary Art at Barrington Court

Details on the latest viewing of Clout are below, curated the excellent Beacon and located in one of the first ever National Trust stately homes that is anything but a typical National trust experience. So come along and see if you fancy a summer day out in the west country.

SCION :::::::::::: Contemporary Art at Barrington Court

Barrington Court, Nr Ilminster, Somerset TA19 0NQ



July’s Artwork of the Month will be ‘Clout’ 2003-2006 by Manchester based artist Andrew Bracey. ‘Clout’ is a collection of miniature paintings, each painted onto the heads of roofing nails. Consisting of a vast range of images culled from the internet, holiday snaps and newspapers. The collection consists of over 5000 paintings a selection of these paintings will be discreetly displayed on the walls of the rooms and corridors of Barrington Court. As you walk around expect to encounter these paintings in unexpected places and spaces.

Andrew Bracey will be talking about ‘Clout’ on Tuesday 27 July 1.30pm

SCION is the title of a series of activities developed by Beacon and the National Trust that will deliver a programme of contemporary art at Barrington Court over the course of sixteen months culminating in a major exhibition in 2011. Beacon Art Project is based in Lincolnshire and commissions and presents artwork by national and international artists within unusual, non-gallery settings, emphasising the importance of the context in which we experience art.

SCION has been made possible with financial support from: Arts Council England, National Trust, Somerset County Council and South Somerset District Council


Nicola Streeten
Project Director
Beacon Art Project Ltd
07903 474 006 / 01522 810559

Keep up to date:

Notes to Editors

This project is supported by Trust New Art, a programme to connect more people to National Trust places through contemporary art and craft. The National Trust is working in partnership with Arts Council England.

Arts Council England and the National Trust believe that placing high-quality and innovative contemporary art within historic settings can inspire artists and audiences and encourage new ways of looking at the work and the world.

As the partnership develops, a wide programme of events, projects and products will be developed to make contemporary arts and crafts an integral part of the National Trust's daily offer to visitors, building new audiences and providing career opportunities to both emerging and established artists.

For more information, visit

About Beacon Art Project

Beacon is a UK based not for profit visual art organisation with charitable status established in 2004 by John Plowman and Nicola Streeten and is based in Lincolnshire, a county in the East Midlands UK. Beacon’s innovative approach to curating and commissioning has been to focus on creating relationships between audience, artist and institution that do not privilege the ‘art object’ per se. That is, creating an indeterminate and non-hierarchical space which enables a fluidity and convergence between audience, artist and institution.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Unrealised Potential

I have a proposal for a silly show in the exhibition Unrealised Potential at Cornerhouse, Manchester opening on friday. You can buy the rights to curate the exhibition should you desire, pop along to the gallery or to this weblink for info on how to do it.
May the force....

Details below

Unrealised Potential From Sat 17 July to Sun 12 September CORNERHOUSE 70 Oxford Street Manchester M1 5NH

Artists include Mike Chavez-Dawson, Sam Ely & Lynn Harris, Gavin Wade, Brian Reed, Len Horsey, RELAX.

Unrealised Potential is the incorporation of Mike Chavez-Dawson's Potential Hits 2005 into a volume of Unrealised Projects, further developing the creative potential of the unrealised in the artist's practice and for an audience's engagement with the work.

Unrealised Potential is an art project as exhibition which will allow gallery-goers the opportunity to become producers themselves by purchasing the right to realise a leading artist's dream project. For this multi-part exhibition artist/curator Mike Chavez-Dawson re-visits his original project Potential Hits, 2005, and working in collaboration with Sam Ely and Lynn Harris combines it with ongoing work Unrealised Projects to form Volume 6: Unrealised Potential.

All volumes of Unrealised Projects will be on display in the gallery, alongside the first comprehensive display of Strategic Questions 2002-2010 curated by Gavin Wade, with a new commission from RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co) in response to the question What is Wealth? Plus Len Horsey & Brian Reed (who interpret Liam Gillick's Palanta De Anodizado).

The show also includes a number of invited contributions from over seventy other artists, including Richard Wilson, Tom Morton, Cecilia Wee, David Shrigley, Simon Patterson, and many more.

Monday, 7 June 2010

A Horse Walks into a Bar

This is a group show I am in at the lovely Castlefield Gallery in Manchester, opening on Thursday 15th June. I will be showing 2 works from the Freianlage series, Where? a painting of an empty gorilla enclosure on a door stop and Dance, a monkey in a craft makers magnifyer.

Link are

Castlefield Gallery

See Dance and Where?

Meanwhile in Manchester

This is a group show with some other fine artists from Manchester in 2 artists run spaces in sunny Birmingham. It opens on friday 11th June and runs until the 20th June. I will be showing a couple of series from the Frames series of works.

Links are