Thursday, 30 December 2010


I, Andrew Bracey pledge to put online one UnMasterclass each week during 2011.

  1. Each video will consist of a roughly 10 minute UnMasterclass in painting.
  2. There will be 52 in total.
  3. I will paint from a reproduction of a masterpiece painting with oil paint on paper 
  4. They will be at a vastly different scale to the original painting. 
  5. By necessity of time, practicality and skill, the paintings will almost certainly be vastly inferior to the originals. 
  6. I will not inform the viewer of what I am doing other than what they see before their eyes.
  7. Background noise will form the soundtrack.
  8. My paintings will only exist in the form of the video. 
  9. My original paintings produced will be destroyed. 

Go and see the original masterpieces in museums and galleries if you want to see proper paint and canvas.


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  2. Sounds quite good mate, I look forward to seeing this body of work!