Saturday, 30 November 2013

Machine Aesthetic

I am showing in a really interesting touring exhibition, Machine Aesthetic, curated by artists, Simón Grannell and Eric Butcher. The exhibitions responds to contemporary fine art practices that "engages with the notion of mechanisation in a sophisticated range of ways; from artists who exploit the materials, processes and techniques of machine production, incorporating machined materials into their work, to those who do not engage physically with machines at all, but adopt a mechanised methodology in the process of manufacture, disciplining their minds and bodies to behave like machines." 

The exhibition opens at Gallery North in Newcastle with a private view on Monday 9th December and carrying on until 30th January before moving on to Arts university Bournemouth, University of Lincoln, Norwich University of the Arts and Transition Gallery, London through 2014. I will be showing The Jump, a painted version of Chris Marker's classic short film, La Jetee. Other artists in the show include Emma Hart, Dan Hays, Michael Roberts, Natasha Kidd andTim Knowles. More details can be found here

Atomic -

Atomic is an opportunity to purchase some fantastic art from some great artists in an "exhibition of small works with big ideas". It is organised by Alli Sharma from Transition Gallery at the intimate and homely 60 Ravenscourt Road in Hammersmith in London. The show is on 8-15 December 2013, Opening Hours: 12-6pm, or by appointment with a Private View: 7 December, 6-9pm / RSVP required, follow the link here to find out more of how to rsvp and more about the artists.

I will be showing some of my Transitory Paintings and other artists include David Dipre, Annabel Dover, Alex Pearl, Mali Morris, Mimei Thompsonhere to find out more of how to rsvp and more about the artists.


In a fusion between East and West London, Transition Gallery travels from Hackney to Hammersmith to present an exhibition of small works with big ideas by more than 40 selected artists at:
60 Ravenscourt Road, London W6 0UG
8-15 December 2013
Opening Hours: 12-6pm, or by appointment
Private View: 7 December, 6-9pm
Artists include: Michael Ajerman, Carolina Ambida, Michael Bartlett, Lucy Boyle, Andrew Bracey, Benjamin Bridges, Kirsty Buchanan, Lindsey Bull, Nick Carrick, Jake Clark, Gary Colclough, Charlie Day, David Dipre, Sarah Douglas, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Luci Eyres, Genieve Figgis, Andrew Graves, Damian Griffiths, Julia Hamilton, Michael Hammond, Kirsty Harris, Stephen Harwood, Georgia Hayes, Paul Housley, Paul Kindersley, Cathy Lomax, Alex Massouras, Alex Michon, Mali Morris, Nina Ogden, Alex Pearl, Alli Sharma, Corinna Spencer, Emma Talbot, Kathleen Thompson, Mimei Thompson, Katherine Tulloh, Jacqueline Utley, Virginia Verran, Ben Walker, David Webb, Mary West, Andy Wicks and Jo Wilmot.
I will be showing some of my Transitory Paintings including the one above.

Misdirect Movies - Meter Room

Misdirect Movies at Meter Room, Coventry - 9/11/13 – 1/12/13
Artists: Rosa Barba, Andrew Bracey, Dave Griffiths, Cathy Lomax, Elizabeth McAlpine, David Reed and John Rimmer. Dave Griffiths, John Rimmer.
Misdirect Movies is an exhibition that explores new possibilities of collage using material gleaned from cinema. Meter Room, Coventry is the final leg of the exhibition tour that has visited The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Standpoint Gallery, London, and Greyfriars, Lincoln. Dave Griffiths will be showing a new commission made especially for the exhibition at Meter Room. The private view is at 6-8pm on Friday 8th November, all are welcome to attend this free event.
This exhibition has developed from the research interests and artworks of the curators, Andrew Bracey and John Rimmer. The selected artists employ cinematic imagery to re-employ film narrative and explore new forms of materiality outside of cinema. With access to the internet and the digitalisation of film, artists are now able to appropriate films to create different and innovative approaches to collage. The exhibition features a wide range of media, from projections and monitor-based work through to digital prints, artist’s books, painting and even a microfiche viewer.

The artists bridge the analogue and the digital. Rosa Barba exhibits every issue of Printed Cinema. These artist’s books have been published alongside her film projects and include film stills, text and photographs. Andrew Bracey is interested in the power of the still image in film. Ensemble Cast is a new animation that features a cast of 1500 film stars reduced to one restlessly moving head. Dave Griffiths’ recent work dwells on the physical and fictive borders of cinema, often employing the projectionist’s cue dot to activate the narrative potential of marginal images. Cathy Lomax keeps an on-going visual diary of all the films that she has watched, selecting one image from each to make into a small, rapidly executed painting. Elizabeth McAlpine compiles the missed footage from Nicolas Roeg's cult thriller Don't Look Now that a viewer did not see, due to them blinking. David Reed's animation references John Ford's western The Searchers. It also recalls an earlier personal experience where the artist accidently discovered a cave used in the Ford’s film. John Rimmer’s Interference gathers together personal and filmic references. Found footage of Philosopher and theorist’s heads, scenes from Annie Get Your Gun, commercials and other sourced material combine to form a mental landscape.