Monday, 2 May 2011

UnMasterclass 18

Dali sure is one strange artist to appreciate. If you are 15 and under and interested in art at school then the chances are then he is your favourite artist. Then at A-level you start to suspect something might not be all correct in Denver and certainly the foundation course tends to knock most interest out for him. By the time you get to art college for your degree anyone who says he is their favourite artist soon draws sneers of disapproval from everyone else on the course and more than likely will not complete the course or will only just do so with suitable poor quality work and understanding of contemporary art. However if someone was to mention liking his films, then nods of approval and "ground-breaking", "extraordinary" and "oh it's ok to like them..." seem to crop up quite a lot. However if your path did not pass down the arty route then the likelihood is that Dali is still not maybe what you would call your favourite artist, but you can certainly name him and recognise those weird artworks he made.
Anyhow here at UnMasterclass we were unsurprised to find out that our version of one of his better known paintings actually came out not too bad as a quickly churned out copy. We were likewise unsurprised to find out it is one of the most boring UnMasterclasses we had to paint and we wonder if this might come across in the film. So maybe in this case we would maybe recommend going along to Tate Modern and having a look at a Dali painting. If your not really into art, then you might as well look around the rest of it as your there....and if you are into art then go along and see what you think of Dali now, chances are you haven't actually stood in front of an actual Dali painting since the GCSE study trip. Or if you really do not want to do that then pop along and see the latest UnMasterclass instead, viewable here

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