Saturday, 21 May 2011

UnMasterclass 21

It is fast approaching degree show time for art students across the land and most are busy setting up their shows and those that paint will be hoping that their oil paint will dry in time. Here at UnMasterclass we are always equal parts overjoyed and disheartened/annoyed/seething/nonplussed about how so many students are seemingly learning painting the UnMaterclass way. When we look around degree shows we see so much evidence of how students are not looking at paintings themselves in order to further their discipline, we can only surmise that either UnMasterclass is in the Zeitgeist or our influence is spreading. Of course this is not just limited to students, head around the East End of London or Chelsea in New York and you will see a lot of unlearnt painting going on. Pat on the back for us.
Anyhow to keep the flame alive of the UnMasterclass way we have decided it is high time another UnMasterclass winged it's way to you. So you can either pop along to the trendy gallery areas to see the fruits of UnMasterclass or pop along to see the new episode itself at this link

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