Friday, 13 May 2011

UnMasterclass 20

Here at UnMasterclass we have looked on with bemusement at the UK government's recent decisions to increase the caps on tuition fees, after the removal of almost all their teaching grants to Universities. We have been incensed by what appears like a targeted response to the arts via these cuts to Universities, to tax payer related arts funding and local council's decisions across the land to cut all their funding to arts centres. We have looked on with bafflement, if not surprise, as two thirds of Universities have chosen to charge the top limit for their fees to students of the future and with a cynical sneer at recent reports of a removal of these capped upper limits. It really is not that far from the $30-40,000 fees of American institutions, we used to look at so incredulously at, this side of the Atlantic.
Anyhow we are pleased to say that here at UnMasterclass we can announce that we still charge no fees whatsoever for our un-tuition, a trend being mirrored around the country with free art schools popping up like popcorn in a hot pan around Great Britain, from Liverpool to Lincoln to London. However, UnMasterclass is, of course, different from all the aforementioned educational instances in that we do not proclaim to pass on knowledge through what we do; we do not expect anyone to learn through what we do. In fact quite the reverse, if you follow UnMasterclass then we can almost guarantee you will not improve as a painter. Much better to go and look at some paintings for free (while you can) at your local gallery or get saving for that trip to art college joy. Or if you do feel like experiencing another episode of UnMasterclass, the latest one can be found here

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