Friday, 15 April 2011

UnMasterclass 16

Here at UnMasterclass we are fully respectful of the fact that our copies pale into the smallest microcosm of insignificance compared with the majesty of the originals we are copying. In fact we know we can never compete with these pat masters. Yet still we have a go, we try, in the limits time, space and means that we have to do a reasonable job in painting. We have some pride. Yet, without fail we are producing bad versions of paintings. But 16 weeks in to this exercise we needed to get a bit of belief back in the exercise: our the paintings we produce really that bad. Well judge for yourself whether we deserve to enter the collection of Bad art at the Museum of Bad art. we hope you decide we are not that bad, or on the other hand.......
To judge against the art in the collection with your own efforts please visit our latest UnMasterclass at or of course use your time more productively and visit a bona fide proper gallery with some proper paintings in it and  enjoy them. You might even learn something about painting by doing that!

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