Wednesday, 6 April 2011

UnMasterclass 14

Some comments about UN-MASTER CLASS

"Superb - there was a great deal of excitement and 'buzz' around your session; the Un-Master Class was a big hit!"
- Vicki Roth, program director

The organizers said that participants described the sessions as "sensational," "unbelievable" . . .

Gina Wake, Hal Leonard Music Publishers (Australia) 2007

"Wonderful, upbeat - it is vital to keep coming back to the emotional center - what is actually being communicated - and you did it creatively, without being judgmental."

- Marian Hahn, piano professor

Just like the paintings in UnMasterclass this quotes are also unrepresentative, inaccurate and in fact out of complete context with UnMasterclass. They are taken from another Un-Master class run by William Westney, a world renowned and radical music teacher. We at UnMasterclass aim to mislead in many ways, but always towards a greater goal of showing flaws, mistakes and general crapness for what it is. We do not aim to be sensational, exciting or upbeat, we shall leave that for a true master, Mr Westney. We aim instead to show that relying on the quick fix or the easy route only leads to inadequate resulats. Try harder, learn more and never aspire to what UnMasterclass shows. 
Start by visiting a gallery, seeing painting in the flesh, spend time working out how the painting has been made and put in hours in the studio trying, testing and gettign to know what paint can do. Or lounge back and spend a few minutes unlearning from us. Pop along to for this weeks monstrosity of Cranach's masterpiece.

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