Thursday, 7 April 2011

UnMasterclass 15

David Sylvester: I want to ask whether your love of photographs makes you like reproductions as such. I mean, I've always had a suspicion that you're more stimulated by looking at reproductions of Velizquez or Rembrandt than at the originals.

Francis Bacon: Well, of course, it's easier to pick them up in your own room than take the journey to the National Gallery, but I do nevertheless go a great deal to look at them in the National Gallery, because I want to see the colour, for one thing. But, if I'd got Rembrandts here all round the room, I wouldn't go to the National Gallery.

From Interviews with Francis Bacon by David Sylvester

Bacon goes on to say that when he was in Rome he chose not to go to see Valesquez's Innocent X as a fear of seeing the reality after his 'tampering with it, seeing this marvellous painting and thinking of the stupid things one had done to it.' 
Here at UnMasterclass we feel very stupid producing these copies of reproductions of masterpieces and we hope you as viewers do to. We hope all the flaws and mistakes are there for you to see, to be revolted by, to be charged to go and see original paintings, not to hide behind the photographs and jpegs and get out into National Galleries. Or become very rich and fill your rooms with masterpieces. Or go along to to see the latest UnMasterclass.

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