Thursday, 26 June 2014

'Finding the Value' at York St Mary's

I am showing 40 new paintings in the exhibition 'Finding the Value' at York St Mary's. The exhibition runs form 4th July until 2nd November. 
I have used a selection of the figurative paintings from the Madsen siblings collection, to create new ReconFigure paintings. I responded to the diversity of the collection, by using examples of different styles and types of the figurative paintings to paint over with my triangular/crystalline paintwork. By displaying the paintings on mass I foresee my marks creating a consistency to the original paintings; as a way of bringing the diversity together, whilst also celebrating it. I also see a parallel with the somewhat unknown figures of the Madsen brother and sister and the painted out figures in my paintings. In both cases they are present, but almost hidden behind a veil, but are also something that is absent, no longer with us.

The paintings are shown on mass at St Mary’s in an intimate ‘white cube’ within a mirrored cube that reflects the unique architecture of St Mary’s and the viewer. This allows a private space for the work on the inside, which seems to echo the private nature of Madsen siblings. The outside allows the architecture of the space to be brought into play, whilst also creating a Tardis/portal-like quality.
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