Wednesday, 30 November 2011

UnMasterclass 48

A Google search for John Robert Cozen’s Between Chamonix and Martigny makes for somewhat uncomfortable reading for the true art lover. The top five searches for this painting conjure up four sites that will produce an authentic hand painted reproduction of this masterpiece and ship to you home, as the top search says “unframed in protective tube normally within 25 business days.” The fifth search brought up a link to Wikigallery, before finally the Louvre’s (who own the painting) website came up. Here in lies a message to one and all. Just as trying to paint in the style of a great master painter is virtually impossible from the restrictions inherent in attempting to do some from a reproduction of the original; so to is it virtually impossible to research something worthwhile on the internet. So just as an aspiring painter should turn from the web and book based reproductions towards the gallery to learn first hand from master painters, so the aspiring writer should turn away from the screen towards the page of the book. Or am I just an old fuddy-duddy!? The latest UnMasterclass is here

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