Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Blind Python With Jewelled Eyes

A Blind Python with Jewelled Eyes is a group exhibition that brings together established artists, alongside students and recent graduates  from the University of Lincoln to speculate on the notion of coexistence. Navigating the precarious terrain of tensions and harmonies, and encompassing a broad range of disciplines, the show seeks to explore the paradoxical nature of relationships. Opening at The Greestone Gallery, Lincoln on Tuesday 6th December until Thursday 22nd December and curated by Andrew Bracey and Kate Buckley. Artists featured are Aislinn Ritchie, Ross Oliver & Nathan Baxter, Tessa Farmer, Steve Dutton & Steve Swindells, Samantha Donnelly, Thomas Cuthbertson, Joana Cifre-Cerda & Laura Dodgson, Kate Buckley and Andrew Bracey. More details at

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