Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Frames in Strip at Transition Gallery at Sluice art fair

I will be showing Frames - Director with the excellent Transition Gallery at Sluice Art Fair, which is happening in London to coincide with Frieze art fair this October, on the weekend of 16&17th. The Frames series of work involved me watching different films garnered from different films lists that all had a different structural reasoning, i.e Best Picture Oscar winners, top ten most profitable films or in the case of the paintings being shown, the top ten (or rather 11) films as voted by Directors in a significant poll. Each film was scrutinised for a single image (out of 24 frames for every second) that would fall outside or not be integral to the plot, certainly something unremarkable or unremembered to a normal viewing of a film. Each image is then transferred back to 35mm leader film strip, albeit this time with hand painted oil paint as opposed to that an image captured by the camera. Neither the names of lists or the films watched are revealed to the viewer. The image is freed from film to become painting. Perhaps.... For more information about Frames please read Chris Clarke's essay here http://www.andrewbracey.co.uk/page25.htm

Transition Gallery will be showing the work alongside other artists including Michael Ajerman, Annabel Dover, Emma Talbot, Mimei Thompson, Jessica Vorsanger and Transition directors, Cathy Lomax, Alli Sharma and Alex Michon. The display sounds like an interesting construct, in Transitions words....

"For Sluice Art Fair Transition is showing Strip, an exhibition made up of groups of specially selected 2D works by 20 artists presented with a distinct nod towards the filmstrip. All of the artists featured in Strip employ a sequential approach to their varying subject matter. But although each ‘strip’ is composed of works made in a series, adjoining frames do not necessarily correspond to each other. There are in fact no traditional narrative structures; instead it is for the viewer to create their own connectivity."

For more details please visit http://www.transitiongallery.co.uk/htmlpages/strip.html
and for more details about Sluice art fair, please visit http://www.sluiceartfair.com/

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