Thursday, 29 September 2011

Space Exchange at Aid &Abet

Clout gets another airing in a show opening on Friday 30th September at Aid&Abet in Cambridge. Several years ago I donated a few of the painted nails to the excellent Royal Standard's 'collection' and they have now been pulled out from the Liverpool based artist run space's 'archival storage' to appear in Space Exchange. Other artists in the 72 artists strong collection include David Blandy, Andrew Lim, Josie Flynn, Dan Perjovschi, Jemma Egan, Jess Flood-Paddock, Jock Mooney, LittleWhitehead and Gordon Dalton, so good company. Joining Royal Standard in this exchange are other fantastic artist run sapces: Grand Union, Satellite, Spike Island and The Woodmill. More details are here for a comprehensive schedule of events

Here is the Royal Standard's official line on this.....

For *Space Exchange* at Aid & Abet, The Royal Standard will present an assortment of objects acquired by the organisation over the previous 5 years of its existence.

Since 2006 The Royal Standard has worked with hundreds of artists, curators and organisations through a diverse programme of exhibitions and events, performances, publications, artist residencies and offsite projects, alongside providing studio space to a wide range of artists and designers; a process which over time inevitably results in the accumulation of a multiplicity of stuff.

By re-examining and exhibiting this collection of abandoned artworks, loose ends and remnants of things that have happened at The Royal Standard, an order will be provided to our accrued mass of detritus. Questioning perceived notions of ownership and authorisation, acquisition and presentation, whilst quashing hierarchies between what may and may not seem important, the eventual 'display' seen during *Space Exchange* forming the basis of what will develop into *The Royal Standard's Permanent Collection.*

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