Saturday, 19 February 2011

UnMasterclass 8

"If you imagine, you go to a museum, to draw a painting it makes no sense. Because you could easily sit at home at the kitchen table with a large monograph and just copy and draw. It's still a flat entity, it's not like drawing a sculpture that has three dimensional qualities, it's purely mimicking. so there's actually no reason for an art student or young artist to visit a museum to purely copy a painting. I mean it's of no worth, it's not honing drawing skills because it's flat....The reason why they are there really is because there this romanticisation through association. if you're an aspiring artist you want to be in a museum and you want to feel the magic dust and you want it to fill you with energy."
Ryan Gander

Unlike the aspiring artists that Master Gander mentions in his Work The Magic and Meaning we here at UnMasterclass are not trying to aspire through appreciation or mimic the museum based paintings. We are merely seeing if we can aspire to  unlearn. This week we encounter a musically themed classic and re-interpret it as a post-expressionist half-failure. Obviously you don't need us to tell you that you would be better skipping over to Kassel, preferably when Documenta is on to see the original, but maybe visit UnMasterclass 8 here are well

"I have a feeling that, 80 years ago people would go to L'Louvre and sit in front of a painting and they would study it and the'y sit still on a bench for 3 hours, staring at a painting, and they would look at it and concentrate on it then they'd go home and the'y come back next Sunday and they would sit on the same bench and the'y sit in front of the same painting and they would (Stare) at that same painting for another 3 hours. I don't think that slowness exists now."
Ryan Gander

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