Friday, 4 February 2011

UnMasterclass 6

A couple of years ago I recommended a student to visit the Glenn Brown exhibition that was on at Tate Liverpool at the time. A couple of weeks later I had a tutorial with the same student and she mentioned how much she had enjoyed the exhibition and that she loved his work and brought out the exhibition booklet to draw my attention to the painting that had most inspired her Brown's The Day the World Turned Auerbach. I was somewhat surprised to learn that what she loved most of all was the thick impasto paintwork, the sumptuous ooze and materiality of the paint. I let her carry on for several minutes like this. I questioned her again as to whether she had in fact been to the show, which she assured me she had. I then asked to read a little bit about Glenn Brown in the booklet she had brought with her. I thought what gall to say she had been to an exhibition she had clearly not been too and  to not even read about an artist that she had earlier said was deeply influential to her work.
It also made me think how interesting it might be to purposely completely miss the point of paintings. the seeds of UnMasterclass was born.
The latest painting is a pretty poor copy more George Condo, than Sofonisba Anguissola.
Have a look here

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