Thursday, 7 March 2013

Misdirect Movies

Misdirect Movies is a touring exhibition that explores new possibilities of collage using material gleaned from cinema. It opens at The Royal Standard, Liverpool for a preview 6-9pm on Friday 15th march (16/3/2013 - 31/3/2013) and travels to Standpoint Gallery, London (5/7/2013 - 3/8/2013) Greyfriars, Lincoln (4/10/2013 - 26/10/2013) and Meter Room, Coventry (8/11/2013 - 1/12/2013). I have curated it with John Rimmer.

Orson Welles’ unfinished version of Don Quixote features a scene where Quixote slashes at a screen in a cinema. This scene acts as a lynchpin for the ideas contained within the curatorial strategy of this exhibition, expanding on the notion of Quixotic, intertexturality and the slippage of reality and illusion. The show features work by Rosa Barba, Andrew Bracey, Dave Griffiths, Cathy Lomax, Elizabeth McAlpine, David Reed and John Rimmer. The selected artists explore these ideas in diverse ways to work with narrative and new forms of materiality. With the access to digital formats, of the internet and the digitalisation of film, artists are now able to appropriate films to create different and innovative approaches to collage. This makes us look anew at, and re-address, the familiarity of moving image, media and the cinema space; a hybridised 'cinematic' experience.

I have re-worked an existing film piece,The Six Monst Beautiful Minutes in the History of Cinema into a wall sized print for the exhibition.

To find out more please go here

There will also be a catalogue launched at the London leg of the show, more details here

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