Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Still at Transition Gallery

I will be showing Frames in Still at Transition Gallery and Hackney Picture House, opening on Thursday 6th September until 30th September. The show features lots of other interesting artists and will be well worth a look for all film and art fans. 
"The moving magic of film lies in its frame-by-frame flickering approximation of life. The stilling of that movement re-directs the viewer’s gaze towards an entirely new reality. Context and meaning are rearranged and new beauties unearthed behind the seemingly banal. In halting, repeating or reconstructing, the image persists, becoming a thing in itself, which as film theorist Laura Mulvey notes ‘has its own visual pleasures and rewards that do not replace, but compliment those of watching a film’."
I have also written about Unrealised Films in a special Film issue of Garageland magazine. 
More details can be found here 

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