Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crocodiles With a Second Skin Thrash

Crocodiles With a Second Skin Thrash is an exhibition curated by myself and Kate Buckley at Over+Out in Lincoln.  It is an exhibition that explores the re-use of existing material within an artist’s practice. This material is specific and highly loaded, being either that of existing artworks by the artist or incorporating the work of other artists into new artwork.
The exhibition is a sequel of sorts to A Blind Python with Jewelled Eyes, shown in the Greestone Gallery, also in Lincoln, at the tail end of 2011. This exhibition was also curated by Andrew Bracey and Kate Buckley and included many of the same artists, it explored the idea of an artwork containing two parallel elements within it, being both in one state and another, almost like a parasite occupying a host. Both exhibitions take their titles from imagery in J. G. Ballard’s The Crystal World,a dystopic novel where an unidentified and beautiful disease spreads through a rainforest turning everything into shimmering crystalline forms, like a Midas touch. The artists in these two exhibitions all, in some way, have the ability to transmute material and imagery from one thing to another, performing a kind of artistic alchemy.
I will be showing for the first time an ongoing series of self portrait photographs in other artists artworks which feature a reflective or mirrored surface.

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