Monday, 4 July 2011

6 Degrees at The Monks Gallery

UnMasterclass goes on the road this week and has it's first gallery outing away from the internet. I have been working hard in the studio and have completed all 52 episodes of UnMasterclass and all of these will be on show around the gallery. So if you fancy having a sneak at further episodes then Thursday 7th July is the night for you! Please pop along to the opening of The Monks Gallery in Lincoln, run by the most esteemed Nick Simpson and Tom Cretney who will also be showing work. All the artworks in the 6 degrees respond to the gallery's location, a fully functioning house. There will be 5 more shows and we shall see if any of the final artists have any link to me (6 degrees of separation for those who need the hint). UnMasterclass will be playing on its Bob Ross connotations and will appear on numerous TVs and laptops that normally habit the house/gallery. Other artists in the show are Alan Armstrong, Ian Manicom and John Plowman. more details can be found at

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