Friday, 10 June 2011

UnMasterclass 24

UnMasterclass recently met an artist who, though we were both aware of each other, we had not met before. We spoke of our work and he mentioned he had seen UnMasterclass. Interestingly he said he had seen one all the way through and part of a second one, he saw no point in watching any more as he got it from seeing one and would benefit from doing something else that watching any more UnMasterclasses, something we of course agreed heartily with him. This did make us question why we have committed to painting and uploaded our copies of paintings each week for a year. Why do 52 times, what you can do equally well with 1. Well there are many reasons, but none better than the difference between the maker of an artwork and the viewer of it. For us to paint one copy of a painting and post it on the internet is a insignificant gesture, one that would mean very little to us or the viewer. By repeating the act, then a critique of painting can start to unravel, one that you only need to watch one of, but that would be worthless without the knowledge of the fact of 51 other similar acts that exist. And, of course , you could we possibly unlearn how to paint in one episode, we need a full spectrum of the history of painting in order to fully show how not to learn how to paint.
This week a snowy French scene from Alfred Stanley's repertoire is tackled by UnMasteclass and might be one worth watching, or you have seen one other UnMasterclass then maybe not. 

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