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To view the film I made for Endeavour exhibition please follow vimeo link here


Joseph banks Conservatory Exhibition

March 30th – April 3rd 2011

This Exhibition encapsulates different processes and forms in relation to the botanical collection at the Joseph Banks Conservatory. All the artists taking part have made work that reacts, comments or relates to the site that the exhibition is situated within.

A collection of Lincoln based artists have announced a group exhibition titled ENDEAVOUR. This will be held at the Joseph Banks Conservatory from March 30th to April 3rd 2011. It will incorporate different methods and practices to create work relating to the space and includes ice sculptures, video, sound art and origami, among other mediums. All these pieces are connected by them being specifically made for the site and they all relate to the area it is situated in. This site specific exhibition will be an interesting encapsulation of what is happening within the vast collection.

The private view of the event will be on the 30th March starting at 2pm ending at 4pm. The show will be open between 10am -4pm for the rest of the dates.

Artists, who will be taking part, include Rebecca Barmby, Sonya Barnett, Andrew Bracey, Rob Britt, Thomas Cuthbertson, Rob Garniss, James Hall, Rose Mower, Lucy Price, Veronica Proud, Thomas Cuthbertson, Rob Britt, Veronica Proud, Rebecca Barmby, Lucy Price, Rose Mower, Sonya Barrett, Rob Garniss, Josephine Sams and Paul Stewart.

The main aim of this exhibition is to demonstrate different representations of the physical forms in the space and metaphorical ideas in relation to the plant’s origins. Some of the work will look at the literal space as an oasis or adding hand crafted flowers in and amongst the plants. Other forms will be slightly more conceptual and look in to how Joseph Bank’s original Endeavour Voyage effected the countries he visited. Also ideas affecting the continents themselves in relation to their own particular history.

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